Save the date 18.12.2020


You Are Invited

We joyfully invite you to share in our
happiness we unite in marriage.

Hope to see you there

The Beautiful Couple

Lasma Astrid Anastasia Lumban Gaol

Daughter of
Mr. Freddy Lumban Gaol S.H & Mrs. Konny Br. Simbolon

Khely Benedictus Sihite

Son of
Mr. Rusli & Mrs. Suparni

Join us in our most happy day

Wedding Events

Pemberkatan Pernikahan

Located at:
Jl. H. M. Joni 64 A

18 December 2020

09.30 WIB
Until End


Located at:
Jl. T. Amir Hamzah No. 29

18 December 2020

Until 16.00 WIB

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Our Happiest Moments

A little story of how our love story began...

That day, we will never forget when we first saw each other. It was just a casual day at work, both of us were occupied with our own work.

Long story short, everyone knows Khely is a fun loving person so we like to tease him whenever we see him! In a good and fun way of course🌹

Often we go out for lunch together with the other colleagues, making jokes around.. it was great days!

Until one day a friend asked if we all would go visit Berastagi, wow no doubt! Of course Khely and I decided to go.

Over there, we rented a villa, we were all having a great time, not to mention we all drank wine and ended up being too knocked-out (haha!) - until the next day we were totally late for our plan, we were supposed to go to amusement park! But well we still decided to go anyway. Because of the booze I had the night before, my head was spinning around at the park, I was so nauseous, and couldn’t enjoy the games at all.

And this is where all started.. Khely was being so kind. He carried me around when I was feeling sick, he took good care of me, not a second goes by without leaving me. Khely is way too sweet. From this moment slowly our love grew stronger.. I knew Khely was someone special. It’s unforgettable what Khely did to me🌹

Of course our romance wouldn’t stop there.. back home we would chat each other non stop everyday. We went to the cinemas, dinner, and so on.. more time being together. Since everything is going so well, we feel like we complete each other, then we decided to step in to a serious relationship called marriage.
May our marriage be filled with lasting joy.


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“Dan diatas semuanya itu; kenakanlah kasih sebagai pengikat yang mempersatukan dan menyempurnakan.”

Hendaklah damai sejahtera Kristus
memerintah dalam hatimu,

karena untuk itulah kamu telah
dipangil mmenjadi satu tubuh.
Dan bersyukurlah.

(Kolose 3: 14-15)

Hope to see you there

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